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13 December 12




Miley Cyrus is called a ‘Slut’ and a ‘Whore’ on a daily basis although she has been with the same guy for 4 years and they’re now engaged.

Taylor Swift is called “Lovely” , “Kind” , “Elegant” etc, and she has seen 14 guys in the past 4 years.



I can’t believe I’m actually coming to the aid of TSwift….
But really? Shame on you radicalkicks. Seriously.
SO WHAT if TSwift has dated 14 guys in the past 4 years.
SO WHAT if Miley Cyrus is engaged.

Your post is trying to call TSwift out for being a slut. Well I’m going to call you out for slut shaming. TSwift can date as many guys as she likes on her search for the ~*perfect*~ guy. She has the right to do that and NOT be called a slut because if that’s how she wants to live life then that’s her choice.

Maybe she likes sex. Maybe she likes sex with different guys.
Even if she was trying to fuck as many guys as possible she would still NOT be a slut because that’s her own fucking right (and business.)

You made a bad choice by criticizing and comparing the number of people two ladies have slept with. You’re making it harder for females out there to be sexually expressive because they have the right to do that. AND IT DOESN’T MAKE THEM A SLUT.

The number of people you sleep with does not determine whether you are a nice person. Your personality does.

Check yourself.

(Source: radicalkicks)

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